KCB Bank Rwanda promotes savings culture

Green Hills students learning during a study tour at a KCB Bank branch.

KCB Bank Rwanda joined the celebration of Savings Week by encouraging people to adapt a savings culture under the week’s theme ‘Our Savings, Our Wealth.’

1509365862Children with savings accounts receiving gifts from KCB Bank
Children with savings accounts receiving gifts from KCB Bank.

Through a media campaign, the Bank has been informing Rwandans with tips on how to save and the advantages of wise spending.

“Savings culture is something we as Africans have to get accustomed to and also develop the same discipline for our children as a legacy for a secure future,” said KCB Bank Rwanda acting Managing Director, George Odhiambo.

The bank has participated in several campaigns that encourage the youth to save as well as educational programs allowing students to learn more about finance and banking. Its savings products under Simba Accounts or Cub Accounts allow clients to earn up to 7% interest.

Different promotions have been done to encourage and acknowledge the customers who save with the bank including gift bags to children who have Cub Savings Accounts.

“People save for different reasons. You can save for school fees, a mortgage or a car loan. Targeted saving is mostly what motivates people to save and we encourage this approach. Plan your savings before any expenditures,” Odhiambo said.

1509365880SOS students learning about finance and banking at KCB Bank
SOS students learning about finance and banking at KCB Bank.
  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 30th October 2017


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