MTN launches highly flexible MTN Internet Irekure

MTN Rwanda has launched a tailored internet prepaid pack called MTN Internet Irekure, which is similar to the already popular Irekure concept for voice calls which was launched in June and gives customers a balance of choice, affordability and flexibility when calling on the MTN network.

The offer has now been expanded to include data offers which give customers more benefits at the same cost.

MTN’s acting chief marketing officer, Gaspard Bayigane, said that the company is redefining MTN Mobile Internet for everyone to enjoy the benefits of a modern connected life.

“Our customers will get a richer internet experience and will have freedom to do more,” he said. “On this day, we are taking the Irekure concept to another level. MTN Internet Irekure will redefine the cost of mobile Internet in Rwanda with more value being the key focus; MTN internet users will pay the same amount for their data pack but are offered more mega-bytes. We want customers to understand that they are getting value for money as MTN is giving them personally relevant data offers that suit their usage behaviour and budget.”

“In fact, MTN Internet Irekure is the answer to our clients asking for more time on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp etc.) and more MBs to stream videos longer on YouTube and other sites. Consumer research studies have indicated a growing demand for affordable high-volume internet packs which MTN is aiming to fulfil with this new offer,” Bayigane explained.

“We continue finding effective ways of meeting the needs of our customers and empowering them to take advantage of the full potential of Rwanda’s largest internet network,” he further remarked. “MTN Internet Irekure presents value for money and coupled with MTN’s extensive coverage, we expect more people to switch over to our network and use these innovative packs where the data rates are much lower.”

To access MTN Internet Irekure, customers should dial *345*1# to directly access the best data deals that have been designed specifically for them, and purchase one using airtime from the main balance.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 6th October 2017


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