Akagera Motors introduces MCV buses

Executive staff of Akagera Motors and MCV pose in Kigali before one of the buses manufactured by the Egypt-based company.

Akagera Motors has concluded an agreement with Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles (MCV) to distribute its vehicles in Rwanda. This was announced during a ceremony to launch the partnership on 29th September 2017.

Based in Egypt, MCV is a leading manufacturer of buses in the Middle East and Africa. As a daughter company of Daimler AG, it also assembles commercial vehicles of Mercedes-Benz, and is the general distributor in Egypt for the brand.

1507278098MCV buses
Some of the MCV-made Mercedes buses.

With 6,000 motivated and competent employees and almost 300,000 square meters of well-equipped modern manufacturing facilities, MCV’s production capacity amounts to 10,000 buses per year. It has international offices in the UK, the UAE, South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria, Cuba and Singapore.

Akagera Motors will be selling MCV’s full range of buses including mini-buses, intercity buses, high deck coaches, super high-deck coaches, city buses and double-decker buses.

Akagera Motors is enhancing the transport experience for passengers and drivers by providing luxurious, safer, comfortable and fuel-efficient buses, which benefit the transport owners as well.

With 20 years of experience, Akagera Motors has the capability of providing not only sales, but also spare parts and service in a timely manner at an affordable rate.

Akagera Motors Rich History

The agreement with MCV is another important milestone in Akagera Motors long and rich history, which started in 1997, when two entrepreneurial-minded brothers were seeking a business opportunity in Kigali, Rwanda.

Being hard working, determined, passionate and business-minded, the brothers were able to turn Akagera Motors into an automotive powerhouse, which remains one of the country’s major companies. 

As more business ventures were added to the company’s portfolio, Akagera Motors became Akagera Business Group (ABG) Ltd. in 2008. 

Headquartered in Kigali, ABG today consists of nine divisions dealing in automobiles, tires, batteries, lubricants, media, consumer goods, consumer electronics, car rentals, leasing, hardware, paints, design, construction, security and safety systems. It has a presence in Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan and the eastern DR Congo. 

ABG has about 250 employees, including some 10 expatriates of different nationalities throughout the nine divisions. The company’s turnover reached $50 million in 2016.

ABG has qualified and professional front line managers and executives, and a congenial professional work culture based on the Kaizen management system, with a single objective of continuous growth. It uses a divisional structure with clear objectives and growth plans, while division managers are empowered independently, handling delegation of work and bottom-line results.

ABG owns nearly 30,000 square meters of infrastructure comprising of office blocks, warehouses, customs bonded warehouses, yards and corporate houses. 

Please contact us at +250 781 466 886 / sales@abgafrica.com for any inquires.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 6th October 2017


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