Hundreds of police officers donate blood

It was the second blood donation by police officers this year.

Some 700 police officers have donated blood to boost the blood banks managed by the National Centre for Blood Transfusion (NCBT).

Led by the deputy inspector general of police in charge of Administration and Personnel, Juvenal Marizamunda, officers made the voluntary blood donation at the RNP headquarters in Kacyiru. It was the second initiative of its kind this year.

The voluntary exercise is in line with the Memorandum of Understanding between RNP and Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) signed in March this year, which binds the two institutions in aspects of health and security related healthcare. The agreement also focuses on fighting against illicit drugs, sexual and gender-based violence; mental health interventions; prevention and detection of fraud and public funds embezzlement in healthcare agencies, among others.

Regarding the blood donation, DIGP Marizamunda said that public safety encompasses a lot of things, including their health and welfare.

“Safety is a wide concept; physical security and public healthcare are essential life needs. That’s why police officers are actively involved in blood donation and other healthcare activities,” DIGP Marizamunda said.

Adeline Niyondamya, a mobilization officer at the Blood Transfusion centre, commended the initiative.

“This is an act of saving patients another chance to live,” Niyondamya said. “We always work together with RNP in ensuring public health welfare; blood donation signifies the value, dedication and sacrifice our police have for the people.”

The National Blood Transfusion Centre has seen an upsurge of blood collections from 22,970 units collected in 2000 to 61,109 in 2016. It recently received a continental Level Three accreditation, the top most level that African Society for Blood Transfusion (AFSBT) awards for quality and operational standards.

Rwanda is the second country in Africa to receive the level three award after Namibia.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 2nd October 2017


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