RDF donates cows and health insurance to Gasabo residents

10 cows were donated to vulnerable residents in Rutunga sector.

The 204th Brigade of the Rwanda Defence Force has donated 10 cows and 450 health insurances to vulnerable residents in Rutunga sector, Gasabo District. 14 goats were also given to families whose goats were recently killed by wild animals in the area.

The hand-over took place in Kibenga Cell in Rutunga on Tuesday in the presence of the State Minister in charge of social affairs, Dr Alivera Mukabaramba and the mayor of Gasabo, Steven Rwamurangwa.

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The State Minister in charge of social affairs, Alivera Mukabaramba, hands over goats.

Mukabaramba commended the RDF’s contribution to socio-economic development through the Army Week.

“We have witnessed very fruitful activities during the Army Week as our forces support people in different areas such as medical treatment, building infrastructures, farming and others,” she remarked. “These are commendable activities that improve the welfare of our people, and we really thank RDF for such initiatives.” 

The State Minister urged people to take advantage from government programs and work hard to achieve development.

Lt Col Frank Mutembe, the acting commander of the 204th Brigade, emphasized human security, saying that RDF is fully committed to contribute to the people’s welfare. 

“The people deserve a decent life which includes good shelters, enough food, good infrastructure, education facilities and health care. This is the human security that RDF wants to contribute to when supporting government programs to help our people achieve progress,” he said.

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450 people received health insurance.

One of the recipients of health insurance, Marie Mukahirwa, expressed profound gratitude for the gesture. 

“I am very grateful to our leadership and especially our Defence Force for this kindness. I’m responsible for a family of 8 people and we have all received health insurance. I personally suffer from stomach problems and will be able to attend the doctor very soon; I’m very happy,” she said.

“I have a family of 7, I’m disabled and was very desperate due to my condition, but I realize people are taking care of my family. It is so kind,” remarked Gregoire Habimana, another beneficiary.

During the 2017 Army Week activities, RDF has so far donated health insurance to more than 5000 people and provided 32,000 solar energy installations to health workers across the country. During the Army Week medical outreach conducted from May to July this year, RDF provided medical treatment to 120,093 people in addition to other activities conducted such as building infrastructures and agriculture.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 28th September 2017


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