Africa Engineering Conference examines effective waste management

Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente officially opened the conference.

The government in collaboration with the Federation of Africa Engineering Organizations and UNESCO is hosting the 2nd Africa Engineering Conference from the 25th to 29th September in Kigali. Under the theme ‘Effective Waste Management in Africa,’ the conference has attracted over 1,000 participants including engineers, consultants, industrialists, economists, development partners, and other experts to discuss ways to overcome challenges of waste management in Africa as the continent rapidly urbanizes.

During the conference, experts will examine effective waste management, suggest ways to address the challenges of municipal waste, waste from agriculture, mining, electronics usage and other forms of industrial manufacturing.

While opening the conference, Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente pointed out that waste management in Africa’s fast-growing cities requires innovative engineering and technology-based solutions.

“Strong measures are needed for adequate and sustainable development of this critical sector of human existence and well-being. Come up with answers to what African engineers should do so that the challenges from waste management are addressed,” he said. “We also encourage you to create confidence and trust within systems and African governments. Take concrete measures in dealing with engineers who do not respect ethics and professionalism.”

Ngirente noted that effective waste management is urgently needed given rapid urbanization on the continent, as well as increased exploitation of natural resources, agricultural production and utilization of electronic gadgets. He stressed the need to focus on sustainable development and the reality of climate change, and reminded participants that the ultimate goal should be to transform waste into resources to power the continent’s sustainable development.

Rwanda has adopted a green growth strategy and is focused on achieving the sustainable development goals. For example, the country is promoting integrated sanitation and waste management planning in Kigali and the six secondary cities. In Kigali city, the construction of centralized sewage system is expected to commence next year.

Through the Rwanda Environment Management Authority and associated agencies, Rwanda is ensuring that all forms of development conform to its green growth and environmental protection agenda.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 27th September 2017


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