Military Hospital to use tele-pathology for faster cancer diagnosis

Dr Emile Karinganire, pathologist specialist at RMH, shows how tele-pathology allows the hospital to share cases with other pathologists either in the country or abroad.

The Rwanda Military Hospital has introduced tele-pathology services using a new OmnyxTM VL4 Scanner for faster cancer diagnosis.

Lt Col Dr Fabien Ntaganda, Pathology Director at RMH, said tele-pathology is another big step in accurate and precise cancer diagnosis, which reduces the time between giving out a specimen and the result from 14 to 5 days.

“We call it tele-pathology because we can share our cases with other pathologists either in the country or abroad when taking specimen and share digital images,” explained Dr Emile Karinganire, pathologist specialist at RMH. “This is helpful in case we have some doubts on our diagnosis. We also call it digital pathology because we are no longer using the old method, the microscope.  It is a good technology in terms of teaching as you can share digital information with students and other pathologists.”

He further underlined that the new technology will improve the hospital’s services to patients.

Fourteen specialists from RMH, CHUK and King Faisal Hospital have been trained to use the new scanner for tele-pathology cancer diagnosis. The OmnyxTM VL4 Scanner worth $100,000 is a donation from the US White House through former President Obama ‘s health care support to Rwanda and will be extended to other African countries.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 24th August 2017


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