RNP gives back stolen Kenyan vehicle

The commissioner of Interpol at RNP, Peter Karake, with Kenyan colleagues at the handover.

The police on Friday gave back a stolen Kenyan vehicle that was recovered in Rwanda.

The car was stolen in Kenya, transported to the DR Congo and later recovered in Rwanda with Congolese registration plates. It was handed over to Inspector Nelson Munga and Police constable Winnie Jebet who represented the Kenyan police at the RNP headquarters in Kacyiru.

The vehicle was reported missing in Kenya on December 5 last year, and was later found registered in the name of Samanji Sakina.

It was intercepted at Bugarama border post with destination Kisangani.

While handing over the vehicle, the commissioner of Interpol at RNP, Peter Karake, noted that Interpol’s I-24/7 communication system has fundamentally changed the way global law enforcement works to combat transnational crimes.

"We received information from Interpol Kenya about the theft and indications that the thieves could have used Rwanda as a transit to the DRC, and we started investigations that led to the interception of the vehicle," Karake explained.

He thanked the Kenyan police for the joint investigations and noted that Rwanda will never be a haven for stolen material.

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  • Posted 20th August 2017


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