President Kagame re-elected

President Paul Kagame, presidential candidate of the RPF Inkotanyi, has won a third 7-year term at the highest office, with an overwhelming majority of 98.63% of the votes, the National Electoral Commission has announced.

The two other contenders, Frank Habineza of the Democratic Green Party and independent candidate Philippe Mpayimana both failed to get 1% of the votes. Both have admitted defeat.

Close to seven million Rwandans took part in the presidential elections, with Rwandans living abroad voting on 3rd August and those on the national territory on Friday 4th August.

There were 16,691 polling stations across the country, while 1800 observers, including more than 400 foreign ones, monitored the election, which passed without noticeable incident.

In a TV speech after his victory, Kagame pledged to maintain economic growth.

“This is another seven years to take care of issues that affect Rwandans,” he said.


Results National Level:

  • Frank Habineza: 0.47%
  • Philippe Mpayimana: 0.73%
  • Paul Kagame: 98.63%


Results City of Kigali

  • Frank Habineza: 0.51%
  • Philippe Mpayimana:  0.67%
  • Paul Kagame: 98.51%


Results Southern Province

  • Frank Habineza: 0.62%
  • Philippe Mpayimana: 0.7%
  • Paul Kagame: 98.56%


Results Western Province

  • Frank Habineza: 0.67%       
  • Philippe Mpayimana: 0.94%
  • Paul Kagame: 98.19%


Results Eastern Province

  • Frank Habineza: 0.21%
  • Philippe Mpayimana: 0.49%
  • Paul Kagame: 99.17%


Results Northern Province

  • Frank Habineza: 0.34%
  • Philippe Mpayimana:  0.86%  
  • Paul Kagame: 98.63%


Results Diaspora

  • Frank Habineza: 1.65%
  • Philippe Mpayimana: 2.77%
  • Paul Kagame: 95.58%


You can find detailed results per district on NEC's Twitter account.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 5th August 2017


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