Police recover €300,000 stolen from UAE Exchange

The police have recovered €300,000 Euros that were stolen from UAE Exchange in Nyarugenge last week. The money was recovered on Saturday in Gatsibo from two suspects who have been detained. 

The police spokesman for Kigali, supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu said they are an employee of the company and his young brother. 

The employee was on July 27 instructed by his boss to transfer €3 million to China, but he only sent €2.7m.

When the recipients in China notified UAE Exchange that they had received less than expected, the company’s bosses became aware of the theft and went to the police. 

“We located and arrested the employee shortly after the complaint was filed. Investigators later tracked his brother to Gatsibo, where he was arrested with all the money,” Hitayezu explained, adding that the money will soon be handed back to UAE Exchange.

He also remarked that reporting a crime rapidly is crucial for successful investigations. 

“Immediate reporting and sharing information on any illegal and criminal activity facilitates the police’s rapid response to arrest suspects and recover anything stolen or missing,” he said.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 31st July 2017


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