‘Together we will achieve more,’ Kagame tells supporters

Supporters at the rally in Musanze.

With continued collective effort between everyone, Rwandans shall with no doubt achieve more in terms of development.

This was said by the RPF Inkotanyi Chairman, President Paul Kagame on Wednesday, as he campaigned in Musanze District, a rally that attracted over 200,000 residents to Mudende recreation grounds.

“Let’s continue together our development journey. Together we will do more,” Kagame said.

1501144634Kagame 07-26 Musanze (7)
President Kagame amid RPF and PL flags in Musanze.

“Your presence here in big numbers is a sign of the pact between you the people of Musanze and RPF Inkotanyi,” he added to rapturous applause.

He also said that the overwhelming turn-out is a sign of unity and strength of the RPF.

“After August 4, let us marshal efforts to shore up development in the next seven years. Let us have more schools for our children and electricity in homes and beyond,” Kagame said.

Nyabihu: making poverty history
1501144832Kagame 07-26 Nyabihu (4)
A young supporter in Nyabihu takes a selfie with the RPF chairman and candidate.

Kagame’s next stop was Nyabihu District, where he reassured residents that his government will make poverty history once he is elected back in the top office.

The RPF chairman said that partnership and collaboration among Rwandans will remain key in plotting the country’s path to development.

“Nothing will be impossible for us if we continue to work together. Our goals are development, security, unity, and let’s work to achieve them,” he said.

He promised to keep improving essential infrastructure such as roads, electricity, and schools.

“You need to give us a chance so we can continue to work towards achieving so much more of these essential things,” Kagame said.

He said that under his government, more women and children will have decent life because he wants to eradicate poverty and malnutrition in the country.

“We don’t want any more malnourished children because we have enough food. We want to eradicate poverty, we want to end malnutrition and in the next seven years we shall continue to work towards achieving these goals,” he said.

Thousands of his supporters in the district were gathered at Groupe Scolaire Rambura, a secondary school in the district’s Rambura Sector, where they welcomed the President with songs about his government’s policies and their resolve to vote for him next month.

Participants credited President Kagame with promoting unity and reconciliation, which have been essential for bringing back peace and security in their area, promoting education for all children, and improving agriculture and livestock farming.

Rubavu: We will achieve great things together
1501144951Kagame 07-26 Rubavu (1)
President Kagame and the First Lady greet elderly supporters in Rubavu.

The third and final rally of the RPF Presidential candidate was held in Mudende, in Rubavu District, where some 300,000 had turned up for the colourful campaign rally.

“We will achieve great things together. We are building a prosperous and secure nation together; nothing is impossible to a determined people,” Kagame said. “Thank you for coming in big numbers. Thank you for showing support to RPF Inkotanyi.”

He told the people of Rubavu district that if re-elected, he would work to consolidate peace, Security and unity in the area.

"For so long we have been working to restore peace, unity and bring development...I want to tell you that After August 4, it will be the same trend.”

The Chairman is today expected to campaign in Karongi and Rutsiro districts of Western Province.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 27th July 2017


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