Motorcyclist praised for safeguarding injured passengerís millions

Motorcyclist Donat Ndayiramiye (2nd from right) with family members of the injured passenger.

On Sunday, Augustin Kayinamura took a motorcycle from the city centre to Nyabugogo, but along the way they were involved in an accident with a coaster bus.

While the motorcyclist, Donat Ndayiramiye, was uninjured, Kayinamura had to be taken to the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK). She was

The passenger was unconscious at the time, so the motorcyclist decided to take care of the only thing he carried on him, an envelope, without knowing its content.

The envelope contained Rwf5.2 million.

“When the accident occurred, and I realized that my passenger was unconscious, I rushed to protect his envelope, despite not knowing what was inside,” Ndayiramiye said. “There were lots of onlookers and medical personnel, who had arrived with the ambulance, and I realized that if I didn’t act fast, the envelope might disappear. I then checked the envelope, only to realize that it was full of money.”

“I didn’t know the passenger’s final destination nor his family, so I decided to declare the money to traffic officers at the scene” the father of one explained. “I am always driven by doing the right thing. It was very easy to take this money, and probably get away with it, but you have to remember that someone is also counting on that money for survival like my family is also counting on this motorcycle business for survival.”

The spokesman for the traffic and road safety department, chief inspector of police (CIP) Emmanuel Kabanda, added that the money was later given back to the family of the injured passenger.

“The owner and family were very happy when we gave them the money; they had no hope that they would recover it, and they highly appreciated the motorcyclist for being a trustworthy person,” Kabanda said. “This motorcyclist exhibited exemplary and honest behaviour, which others should emulate. His actions represent the high standards that we expect from every citizen.”

He nevertheless advised people to avoid carrying large sums of money, and prefer electronic means for money transactions.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 25th July 2017


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