‘RPF politics is about transformation’ Kagame in Rulindo

President Kagame on Thursday campaigned in Rulindo and Nyamirambo (pictured).

The RPF Inkotanyi candidate, President Paul Kagame, on Thursday campaigned in Rulindo District in the Northern Province, where he addressed a crowd of close to 200,000 supporters who gathered in Gasiza Cell, Bushoki Sector.

The district, which in the late 1990s was a bedrock for instability caused by infiltrators, has thrived to become a major food basket for the capital Kigali and other parts of the country.

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Vincent Biruta, the president of PSD which endorsed the RPF candidate, in Rulindo praised the consensual politics by the RPF Inkotanyi and Kagame.

“RPF politics is not about dividing and destroying. It is about transformation and rebuilding,” Kagame told Rulindo residents. “I am ready to work with you; my trust in you is at 100% so let us vote wisely and use the same zeal together to work hard and transform our country.”

He added that a lot has been achieved in the country over the past two decades but then there was much room to do better.

“Let us continue building a country in which our children with thrive, with opportunity,” Kagame remarked

Before he took the stage, Vincent Biruta, the President of PSD, one of the political parties that endorsed the RPF candidate, said that consensual politics that was ushered in by the RPF Inkotanyi is responsible for the transformation the country has undergone.

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“Our working relationship with RPF Inkotanyi dates back over 25 years and I should say it is a healthy one. Consensus is what has brought our country where it is today and that is why we are here today campaigning for the RPF candidate because we believe it is in the best interest of our country,” he said.

‘Real freedom fighter’

Kagame later went to Nyamirambo, where he urged Rwandans to be proud of who they are and always work with confidence to make the right choice in the upcoming elections and thereafter while developing their country.

“We should be proud of who we are. Who would want to strive for being another person? Whoever would think about that would want to ask themselves what other people have that they don’t have,” he said.

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Some 200,000 people turned up for the rally in Rulindo.

“In this democratic dispensation, we are doing our job. We are not doing any other people’s work. Let’s do it well, develop ourselves, and be happy about it,” Kagame added.

Among those at the RPF rally held at ‘Tapis Roug’ were representatives of the significant Muslim community living in Nyamirambo, led by the former Minister for Internal Security, Sheikh Musa Fazil Harerimana, who told the incumbent president that he has championed freedom for all citizens in the country and that the Muslim community in the area will vote for him because he has given real freedom to its members.

Harerimana, who heads the PDI political party which was mostly founded by Muslims to stand up against discrimination under the previous post-colonial governments, thanked Kagame for being a real freedom fighter.

“We got our freedom when you liberated Rwanda Mr. President,” the sheikh said on behalf of other members of the Muslim community in the country.

As he asked for everyone’s support in voting the RPF candidate back in the top office, Harerimana explained that the President, whom he called the ‘father of the country’, needs to stay at the helm of the country so he can make it stronger.

“We can only ask God to keep protecting you so you can continue to build a foundation for Rwanda that is strong enough to resist from any attacks,” he said.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 21st July 2017


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