RFP-Inkotanyi’s presidential rallies to cover the entire country

RPF Secretary General Francois Ngarambe flanked by other party officials presents the new manifesto.

The Rwanda Patriotic Front (RFP-Inkotanyi) has said its presidential election campaign, which will start on July 14, will cover all 30 districts during the 3-week campaign period.

According to RPF Secretary General Francois Ngarambe, the party’s candidate, President Paul Kagame, will travel to every district to witness the progress made and hear about the challenges citizens still face.

“We look forward to continue to work together with all Rwandans to find solutions faster. The aim of the RPF campaign is to leave no citizen behind,” Ngarambe told reporters on Wednesday while presenting the new RPF Manisfesto.

Ngarambe invited Rwandans to join the RPF on the campaign trail in their communities and exercise their right to vote on August 4.  

In the manifesto, the party states its believes that Rwanda’s economy is based on the strengths and knowledge of the Rwandan people, and the country’s natural resources, international trade cooperation and partnerships will all stakeholders.

Over the next seven year (2017-2024), RPF will deploy more efforts to fast-track inclusive economic development and continue to mobilize citizens to contribute to increased self-reliance for the country

“We will create jobs to spur development and boost the social welfare of Rwandans in the next seven years, promote sustainable urbanization and rural development,” the Manifesto reads.

The party vows to promote the ‘Made in Rwanda’ initiative by partnering with the private sector to build new industries and expanding the production capacity of existing industries.

“We will construct 800km of national asphalted roads, build and rehabilitate 3,000km of feeder roads and complete the construction of Bugesera International Airport,” the Manifesto also states.

The RPF said it will increase the value of mining products through the promotion of processing plants and continue exploration activities to determine the actual mineral potential.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 13th July 2017


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