‘Public and private sectors should cooperate in education’ – Kagame

President Kagame: “More efforts are needed to give technical education its right value so that it contributes to Africa’s transformation.”

President Kagame has said that the human capital that Africa needs will be reached faster when boys and girls can make equal use of opportunities.

While delivering a Keynote Address at the opening of the SDG Africa Center conference on Tertiary Education, Kagame pointed out that it was the stakeholders’ responsibility to create the right conditions for delivering the 21st century education that African youth deserve.

“We are happy to host the expertise gathered here to discuss how Africa can build quality tertiary education and research,” he said. “Africa needs many more graduates with knowledge and skills to grow and sustain our economies and shape the continent’s future. There has been much progress in education including through the catalyst that was the Millennium Development Goals. This is important to acknowledge because it shows that we can do it. Young Africans are ready, capable and willing to learn. More efforts are needed to give technical education its right value so that it contributes to Africa’s transformation.”

Concerning the relationship between the public and private sectors in transforming education in Africa, Kagame observed that since governments alone cannot sustain the momentum needed, they have to find innovative ways to attract resources from the private sector.

“Education requires heavy investment and returns are long-term,” he pointed out. “But there is no way around this. Businesses have vested interests in the quality of graduates and the skills they bring to the market. I fully understand and support the idea that we must have this triangular relationship between the private sector, government and the education sector. When you have the three together, you have more of a chance to succeed with these efforts.”

Kagame also observed that modern technology and ICT present unprecedented opportunities to overcome barriers to delivering information and skills to people.

“In particular, affordable broadband will open up new pathways to world-class education, and vastly improve global collaboration on research,” he said.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 5th July 2017


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