Tigo concludes 100 Days of Love campaign

Governor of Eastern Province Judith Kazaire tours one of the renovated homes in Iyantende Village alongside Tigo staff.

Tigo Rwanda on Friday closed its annual ‘100 Days of Love’ campaign in Iyantende Village, Rukumberi Sector, Ngoma District.

In order to support the genocide survivors in Iyantende Village, Tigo Rwanda in partnership with the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) and Rukumberi Sector, renovated two dilapidated homes, installed electricity in 25 homes and provided 100 health insurance cards to vulnerable survivors.

One of the survivors whose home was renovated by Tigo Rwanda, Marcel Rwamihigo, said that it was a dream come true for his family.

“I am so happy and thankful – I used to like Tigo but now I love Tigo,” he said. “My house was built in 1997 and it was getting extremely dilapidated but I refused support to get it renovated because, as the chairman of Ibuka genocide survivors’ organization, I realized I couldn’t ask for support while other survivors were in worse conditions.”

“When I was visited by Tigo Rwanda representatives, they saw the state of my house and decided to renovate it because they believed that a community leader needs to live in a good home. I am going to always tell people of the great things Tigo Rwanda has done for my family,” said the grateful 51-year-old married father of six.

1499516827Tigo 100 days Rukumberi (2)

Tigo CEO Philip Amoateng addresses residents of Iyantende Village.

Michel Nshimyumukiza, CNLG’s representative in Ngoma and Kirehe District, also lauded Tigo.

“Tigo has shown that remembering isn't only about the 100 days of commemoration from April to July but rather a continuous process. That is why we have come here on the 7th July. I want to thank Tigo for what they have done in this community of genocide survivors,” he said. 

Tigo Rwanda’s CEO Philip Amoateng told the gathering that the donations were an expression of Tigo’s close relationship with Rwandans.

“Tigo is a company that strives to remain close to the community. We are part of Rwanda and this year we are here with you in Rukumberi Sector,” he said. “The core objective of our donation isn't about money but rather love. When we start loving each other, genocide ideology dies. Let us continue to show our love for each other and make sure that there is never again genocide in Rwanda.”

1499516854Tigo 100 days Rukumberi (3)

Governor Judith Kazaire lays a wreath at Rukumberi Genocide Memorial.

The governor of the Eastern Province, Judith Kazaire, also expressed thanks to Tigo for its community initiative.

“I would like to thank Tigo for being a good partner with the government of Rwanda in bringing back hope to genocide survivors, she remarked. “While we are remembering those we lost, we are also looking towards the future with hope. Although Tigo has given us a lot of financial and material support, that's not all that we see. What we also see is the good wishes and love that Tigo has for our local communities. It is a good thing when a multinational like Tigo comes to such a community to help them and support them. I thank Tigo for fulfilling its corporate responsibility and playing its role in promoting and supporting social welfare.”

Also as part of the 100 Days of Love, on 8th June, Tigo Rwanda provided Mutuelles de Sante to 665 Bugesera District residents who were unable to afford health insurance. The handover of the medical insurance cards took place at Mareba Sector in Bugesera District.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 8th July 2017


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