Airtel Rwanda joins Kayonza residents in Umuganda

Airtel Staff clear the ground where a house for a vulnerable family will be built.

Staff of Airtel Rwanda on Saturday joined the residents of Mukarange Sector in Kayonza District in the monthly Umuganda exercise. Together, they cleaned and cleared the garbage points in the area, as well as land where a house for a vulnerable family will be built.

Airtel Rwanda also donated cleaning tools including hoes, shovels, slashes and rakes to the community, alongside scholastic materials given to the Irerero kindergarten and iron sheets for 20 vulnerable families.

The Managing Director of Airtel Rwanda, Michael Adjei, pledged to continue the practice to not only contribute to an environmentally clean country but to also strengthen community engagement as well as support the country’s development programs.

“The Airtel family is more than grateful to participate in Umuganda together with the residents of Mukarange Sector. We shall continue this practice in the entire country,” Adjei said.

The vice-mayor of Kayonza, Jean Damascene Harerimana, thanked Airtel for the gesture and donations to the community.

“We thank Airtel for the heartfelt contribution to Mukarange Sector and for joining hands with us in this month’s Umuganda. We hope that this practice will continue from month to month.”

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 26th June 2017


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