Tip leads police to four sacks of cannabis in petroleum trailer

The bags were hidden behind the driver's seat.

Following a tip from residents of Jabana sector, police in Gasabo district discovered four sacks of cannabis hidden in a DR Congo-registered petroleum trailer.

According to the central region police spokesman, superintendent of police Emmanuel Hitayezu, residents of Nyacyonga village in Akamatamu cell saw unusual bags being loaded behind the driver’s seat of a trailer meant to transport petroleum, and reported it to the police.

“The truck had just arrived at the trailers’ parking in Jabana when resident called the police,” Hitayezu explained. “Our officers immediately followed it up, searched the truck and found the four sacks that had just been offloaded from the truck.”

He said that the drivers of the trailer fled the scene at the sight of the police officers, and that investigations into their identity are ongoing.

“This is the result of a strong partnership with the public in ensuring safety and security. These substances fuel most conflicts and crimes such as gender-based violence, child abuse, assault and even parents who abandon their family responsibilities,” Hitayezu observed.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 16th June 2017


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