UAE Exchange staff honor victims of genocide

UAE Exchange staff at Kigali Genocide Memorial.

In this period of the commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis, the staff of UAE Exchange visited Kigali Genocide Memorial and later offered food assistance to genocide survivors in Kanombe’s Rugunga sector.

At the memorial, the team was explained how the genocide was orchestrated, and laid flowers on the graves of the victims buried there.

UAE Exchange country manager Riyaz Naghoor remarked that visiting the memorial and being educated on how it was planned and executed encourages unity and awareness to eradicate genocide ideology.

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UAE Exchange country manager Riyaz Naghoor (R) leads his employees in donating food to genocide survivors.

After the visit of the memorial, the team proceeded to Rugunga sector in Kanombe where they met with 50 families of genocide survivors, to whom they donated food worth Frw 1.5 million comprising of 250kg of rice, 156 litres of milk and 500kg of maize.

“We are very happy that people think about us, since we have many challenges and this support gives us hope for a better future,” said Marie Ellen Bamurange, one of the beneficiaries.

She however pointed out that the families live in houses which require renovation.

“Our roofs are leaking, the walls are worn and our wooden doors are cracked; this is an area in which we would also like support,” she said.

On behalf of the UAE Exchange staff, Naghoor expressed interest in supporting the beneficiaries who are grouped in an association which focuses on income-generating activities such as weaving Uduceke.

“I’m impressed with how this community is organized, I admire their passion in improving their lives, which encourages us to support them in our future corporate social responsibilities programs,” he said.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 12th May 2017


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