President Kagame addresses Djibouti Parliament, highlights African unity

President Kagame addressing the Djibouti National Assembly and members of Cabinet.

On the second day of his state visit to Djibouti, President Paul Kagame addressed the Djibouti National Assembly and members of Cabinet. He said that African unity was the most practical way for the continent to reach its potential as well as make the most of benefits of globalisation.

“Rwanda and Djibouti share a firm commitment to the unity of the continent and our peoples. African unity is not just a theory, but a practical way to reach our potential as Africans and to take full advantage of the benefits of globalization,” he remarked.

Kagame told the Djibouti MPs and Cabinet members that the continent has everything needed to create opportunities to grow and address prevailing challenges.

”Africa has everything needed to create the opportunities for a hopeful present and bright future for all of us. We are animated by universal values and principles but each country’s challenges are unique. The most successful nations act based on a clear understanding of their own circumstances and history, responding to the needs of citizens, and with their full participation,” he said. “We must cooperate and speak with one voice, as a continent. Whatever challenges we have, both collectively and in our respective countries, are easier to address, when we stay united.”

On the relationship between Djibouti and Rwanda, the President said that while they are not neighbouring countries, distance is no obstacle to friendship.

“The solidarity between Rwanda and Djibouti is a firm foundation for our joint pursuit of social and economic transformation. We have common aspirations for a stable, prosperous, continent, where all Africans live in dignity,” he observed.

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President Kagame and the First Lady ended their visit by touring Djibouti’s Port of Doraleh.

Kagame called on the MPs to get involved in the implementation of the African Union reforms adopted by heads of state during the African Union Summit in January.

“We count on you as African legislators to be strong advocates for the reform process, particularly in ensuring that citizens understand what the planned changes mean, and facilitating their full participation,” he said.

Mohamed Ali Houmed, president of the Djibouti National Assembly, said that Kagame’s visit to Djibouti manifeststhe willingness for partnership and cooperation. He commended Rwanda for its progress in multiple aspects such as inclusive socioeconomic development and visionary reconstruction and development of the country.

“This visit serves as a demonstration of political will to partner with the Republic of Djibouti,” Houmed said.

President Kagame and the First Lady ended their visit by touring Djibouti’s Port of Doraleh.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 20th April 2017


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