Three arrested for murder of baby in Huye

Andre Hakizimana, Police spokesman for the Southern Region.

Police in Huye District have arrested three people including a mother and a female nurse accused of throwing the former’s new-born baby in a pit latrine.

The Southern Region police spokesman, chief inspector of police Andre Hakizimana, said they were arrested on April 17 following the discovery of the body of a baby, which has since been taken to the University Teaching Hospital Butare (CHUB) for postmortem.

Police said the mother of the baby connived with the nurse and a relative to throw the baby in the latrine. It is alleged that the mother had travelled from Kigali, where she was residing, to Huye where she approached her accomplices.

Hakizimana said that after the crime, the mother was taken to hospital.

“She sought medical attention because of bleeding. At Ngoma health center, doctors found that the bleeding was due to child birth or abortion, but there was no sign of a baby,” he explained, adding that hospital management then contacted the police.

“This is an inhuman and criminal act; this baby had a right to live, and the nurse should have also stood by ethical standards and give some professional advice to the expecting mother on the best way to save both the baby and the mother,” he said.

Infanticide, under section one of article 143 of the penal code, can be punished with life imprisonment.


  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 19th April 2017


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