Zebra Waragi seized, eight arrested in Gatsibo bar operations

Gins such as Zebra and others which are sold in plastic bags are not allowed in Rwanda.

Police in Gatsibo District conducted a targeted operation over the weekend in eight bars located in Kabarore, Gatsibo District and seized over 200 sachets of Zebra Waragi- an illegal gin.

Eight people were also taken in custody on accusation of selling illegal substances.

The Eastern Region police spokesman, IP Emmanuel Kayigi, said that alcoholic beverages packed in plastic bags are not allowed in Rwanda, and stressed that such gins are classified as drugs since they pose a danger to people’s health.

“Drug addicts usually make impaired decisions and end up committing crimes. Most petty criminals act under the influence of drugs,” Kayigi said. “Drug consumers are usually a threat to security and are not productive citizens. That’s why the police carries out operations to ensure we wipe out this vice so as to have secure, healthy and productive citizens.”

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 20th March 2017


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