‘Polygamy is source of endless family conflicts’ – Minister Kaboneka

Minister of Local Government Francis Kaboneka talks to residents of Rugarama Sector in Burera.

The Minister of Local Government Francis Kaboneka has urged residents of Rugarama Sector in Burera district to avoid polygamy, as it is among the first causes of family conflicts in Rwanda.

He made the appeal during an official visit to Burera where he participated in the citizens’ complaints resolution session that takes place every Wednesday of the week.

Together with local officials, Kaboneka received different complaints and opinions from the residents, and most of them were related to polygamy, which prompted the Minister to highlight the consequences of this practice.

“I have assessed and identified serious problems with polygamy through the complaints you have raised,” he remarked. “Succession and land-related conflicts start with parents and continue amongst their children; they become endless. Such a situation instigates hatred amongst community and family members. There were times when our ancestors used to marry many women and have many children because they had enough land to share, but those days are gone. So let’s avoid polygamy; it’s like inviting conflicts in your home.”

Kaboneka also requested the residents to stop drinking Kanyanga and were urged to exploit the development opportunities in their communities such as Agakiriro, schools, hospitals, and roads for their welfare, as well as to maintain, unity, security and hygiene.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 20th March 2017


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