600 kg of smuggled minerals intercepted in Rulindo

The police spokesman for the Northern region, IP Innocent Gasasira.

Some 600 kilogrammes of untagged minerals have been seized in Rulindo District as they were being smuggled in two vehicles.

The police spokesman for the Northern region, Inspector of Police (IP) Innocent Gasasira said that the vehicles, a Land Cruiser and a Prado, were intercepted at a police roadblock in Kajevuba Cell, Ntarabana Sector, carrying 292 kg of wolfram and over 300kg of cassiterite.

“Police officers were conducting checks at the mounted roadblock when they discovered that the two vehicles had minerals, and drivers didn’t have legal documents to transport them. The vehicles were immediately impounded,” Gasasira said.

He added that in addition to the lack of documents, the mode of transporting the minerals also contravened the guidelines as they are supposed to be transported in a container and not in private vehicles.

It is said that the minerals, that were being taken to Kigali, were from Giti Sector in Gicumbi District.

Gasasira explained that the minerals were handed over to Revenue Protection Unit (RPU), a Rwanda National Police (RNP) arm charged with fighting fraud and smuggling, to follow up with the investigations.

“Minerals are supposed to be tagged before they are transported from one place to another, either within or outside the country, and by licensed people or companies. These are fraudulent dealings that lead to tax evasion,” he said.

In January, police in Rulindo also arrested two men who had stolen 419 kilogrammes of cassiterite minerals from Rutongo mining concession.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 14th March 2017


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