University of Kigali holds second graduation

Some 650 students obtained their diploma at the University of Kigali this year.

The University of Kigali on Friday held its second graduation ceremony since its creation in 2013, with some 650 students obtaining their diploma in Science and Business Administration.

“Education is not the preparation for life but it is life itself,” said the State Minister in charge of Primary and Secondary Education, Isaac Munyakazi while officiating the ceremony.  

“Parents’ investment in education is critical and overrides other options,” he added, lauding those parents and the University of Kigali for the pursuit of quality education tailored on the needs of the national and regional job markets, saying their objectives align with the government’s policy to build an ICT-literate and knowledge-based economy.

Munyakazi also called on the students who obtained a master’s degree to use their expertise to help the government pursue its development agenda.

Prof. Nshuti Manasse, one of the founders and the director of promoters at the University of Kigali, for his part expressed high expectations for the graduates.

“Our students will serve at national and regional level,” he said. 

The university’s Chancellor, Dr. David Macrae remarked that graduation is a landmark event in the life of any person which only comes after a thorough study of a body of knowledge.

“It means our graduands have completed the study of a body of knowledge to a sufficient level to be awarded their degrees,” Macrae said.  

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 13th March 2017


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