KCB hosts ‘Expert Talks’ to promote financial products

Lucy Mbabazi, the country manager for Visa, talks about financial technologies at the first Experts Talk organised by KCB Rwanda.

In its bid to reach out to more Rwandans and boost awareness on its products and services, KCB Bank Rwanda on Friday hosted its first ‘Expert Talks’ in Kigali.

The series of talks is designed to enhance awareness on financial products and increase their uptake to sustain economic development. The ultimate goal is to boost financial knowledge and collaboration between the bank and its clients.

In the first Expert Talks, embracing financial technologies (fintech) took center stage, with the benefits of a cashless economy being discussed by experts Lucy Mbabazi, the country manager for Visa in Rwanda, Burundi and Malawi, and Louis-Antoine Muhire, the founder of Mergims, a service to facilitate all kinds of payments through mobile phone.

Muhire noted that fintech represents a whole new emerging financial services sector, and that the main problem for fintech companies lays in demystifying these technologies and their advantages.

Mbabazi remarked that Rwanda had come a long way towards attaining a cashless economy, and that fintech companies facilitate deeper merchant-consumer relationships.

KCB Bank Rwanda launched the Expert Talks to boost uptake of bank products and access to finance, thus financial inclusion.

The idea, according to Maurice Toroitich, the managing director of KCB Bank Rwanda, is to create a platform where the bank can interact with customers and be able to understand the kind of products to bring to the market.

Future Expert Talks will feature specialists in other sectors such as taxation, entrepreneurship, innovation and agriculture. They will share their knowledge on how banks can work with citizens to improve access to finance and financial inclusion.

  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 6th March 2017


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