Cooperative Agency, Partners Seek Common Ground

Cooperative Agency, Partners Seek Common Ground

The Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) has called on Non-governmental Organizations to collaborate with local cooperatives as a way of consolidating development efforts in their activities for the communities.

The call was made by RCA Director, Damien Mugabo, during a meeting with various stakeholders and all cooperative representatives in Rwanda.
The meeting, organized under the theme: “Building a viable cooperative movement in Rwanda through harmonized interventions “, was held at Alpha Palace Hotel in Kigali on March 22, 2012, aimed at discussing the way forward for both cooperatives and development partners.

Mugabo noted that this will ensure that partners have a common understanding and a good working relationship in supporting cooperatives.
The meeting also discussed ways, in which stakeholders harmonize programmes and interventions to avoid duplication of efforts.

According to participants, some of the challenges by cooperatives and stakeholders include; respect of cooperative autonomy, laws and guidelines, tight strings attached to the support offered, and lack of clarification on sources of funds and level of advocacy.

The meeting also highlighted the achievement of forum of cooperatives since the amendment of the law on cooperatives, including; re- registration of 42.000 cooperatives, 500 of these have already acquired operational licenses, and sensitization of more cooperatives to register ahead of the April deadline.

Mr.  Mugabo urged stakeholders to be accountable to benefit members.
RCA agreed with stakeholders to hold regular similar meetings, at least twice a year.

  • Posted 23rd March 2012


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