Star Times Replaces Old Decoders for Free

For the last two months, Star Times Media has been replacing its old decoders from MPEG 2 to MPEG4 which has the latest of technology, equipped with more channels and better signal.

Hussein Kamanzi, the Brand and Marketing Manager at Star Times Media, noted that the company intends to restore all old decoders by 30th May. Clients replacing their old recorders are required to pay only the subscription fee. “Those who pay instantly get the new decoders, and as you know we have very affordable bouquets of; Rwf 12,000, Rwf 6000 and Rwf 3000,” he explained.

The Technical Manager Nestor Muvunyi was quick to point out that the latest MPEG 4 decoder has several advantages including having over 200 channels covering over 50 percent of the world’s stations, whereas the old one can show only 24 channels.

“I hope that you’ve seen a difference among the two decoders, that’s why we are encouraging all our clients with old decoders to change them immediately,” said Muvunyi.

He further added that the introduction of  new decoders is in line with the company’s plan of expanding its activities nationwide at the same time improving their services. Currently Star Times Media signal has covered 60% of the country and soon their services will be extended to Cyangugu in western province.

In this respect Kamanzi noted that company has introduced programs to facilitate their service delivery. “Now we no longer charge installation fees for those who have bought our decoders, this is not enough, We have introduced a door to door services, meaning our customers can relax in their homes and call our technicians to solve issues related to their decoders,” he remarked.

Star Times Media now has 202 dealers and eight service centers across the country.

The company services can also accessed by calling the following hotlines; 5033, 252580720, 252580721.

  • Posted 11th April 2012


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