Guma Guma Artists on a Genocide Memorial Tour

Part of the ongoing PGGSS 2 competition (in which the winner shall walk away with Rwf6million Prize Money, Rwf6million for Album launch, Rwf6million for 12-months salary, Rwf5million for Album production and Rwf1million for the video clip production) Bralirwa incorporated in the activity calendar a Tour by the Artists to the Genocide Memorial Sites. Freddy explains: “This is intended to instill the spirit of ‘Never Again’ among these youths because they are leaders of tomorrow; they’re part of the future generation”. Artists, on April 9, 2012 visited two memorial sites; Ntarama and Nyamata Genocide Memorials in Bugesera District. 

Ntarama Genocide Memorial used to be a small church where about 5 000 peoples had found refuge hoping to be protected by the government and church, unfortunately they were all killed. It also used to be a church in which approximately 10,080 families and individuals ran to seeking for security and 45, 284 bodies were buried.

After the Genocide Memorial Sites tour, some of the artists had this to say;
King James: “As artists, it is our duty to sensitize and prevent such events to happen again in our country. We have to be part of our history.”    Young Grace: “I think it is important for us as artists to understand what happened so as to become better ambassador of peace and to advocate for a better a future for Rwandans.”

Partnership with CNLG

Freddy explained that Bralirwa is one of the key partners that the National Centre for Fight Against Genocide (CNLG) is working closely with during the 18th Genocide Commemoration. He cites the ongoing partnership in elaborating CNLG’s outdoor (Genocide) awareness campaign under the theme: “Learning from our History to Build a Bright Future”.  
For now about 5 years, Bralirwa is the sponsor of the maintenance of the gardens and mass tombs at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Gisozi, the outskirts of Rwanda’s capital—Kigali. On behalf of Bralirwa, Freddy pledged continued support to the memorial site. “We commit our continued support to Gisozi memorial”, he confirmed. Kigali Genocide Memorial comprises of a state-of-the-art (Genocide) museum, and mass tombs of over 5,000 Tutsis killed during the 1994 genocide and beautiful gardens.  Bralirwa signed a contract with the management of Aegis Trust Rwanda to do all the repairs and maintenances. The contract with Aegis also includes preserving maintaining the Kigali Genocide Memorial gardens.

Support in the Construction of Genocide Memorial Sites

In Cyanika, Nyamagabe District BRALIRA Ltd in partnership with a Unity Club supports construction of a memorial site. Last year in April, a total of Rfw5million was donated by BRALIRWA as financial support to construct Cyanika Genocide Memorial Site.

Additionally, Freddy confirmed that on April 6, 2012, Bralirwa donated Rwf10million to Rubavu District to construct the Rubavu Genocide Memorial. The donation was handed over to Rubavu District Mayor, Sheikh Hassan Bahame by Mr. Pascal Karangwa Bralirwa’s Technical Director.

  • Posted 11th April 2012


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